I’ve known him all my life. He always seemed to be around. He even lives IN MY HOUSE 😐. They told me he was my brother sooo I just went along with it *shrugs* But my MOFO right hand man. My brother that I love dearly ❤️👫 Happy #NationalSiblingDay

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Got my sista girl in the back 👌❤️

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Happy Fridayyy 😁💕💋

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Saturday couldn’t have been a greater way to end #SB2k14 Thanks to all the homies & family that celebrated my birthday with me. ❤️

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Hey do u like FIU ? B/c im thinking about going there and there were alot of bad reviews ? So i just want Your opinion?

It’s okay but I think I only feel that way because I don’t live on campus. If you live on campus, you might just love it. 

Michael Jackson at award shows:

  • Michael: Umm...
  • Girls in the crowd: *SCREAMS ECSTATICALLY*


All I need in this life of sin.

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Since @___dainty is such a great photographer I had to repost. #sb2k14 with my homies ❤️ Gotta love em 😍 #repost & Toni Tonneee

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😁😝🏊 #SB2k14

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Just hopped out of a 50’s movie 📺

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All your perfect imperfections…

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